Visitor Mornings

We welcome visitors every Thursday morning, currently we are holding our meetings online using Zoom.  When Covid-19 distancing restrictions are lifted we will return to the Warrington Golf Club. The start time for our meetings is 6:45 am and will finish at 8.15am.

You are welcome to attend, meet many like minded business colleagues and find out how BNI can help grow your business!

Be Part of the Crowd


BNI is the most successful organisation of its type in the world.

There are currently thousands of chapters in operation with tens
of thousands of members.

Members have passed millions of referrals translating to billions
of pounds worth of business.

Over 670,222 referrals were passed in the UK and Ireland resulting
in over £269 million worth of business for our members last year
(£2.4 billion worldwide). 611 chapters in UK & Ireland

The philosophy of BNI is givers gain – if I give you business
you will want to give me business – using a structured and
systematic process that maximises ‘word of mouth’ potential.

We are all here to generate leads and business for
ourselves and each other.

‘Its not net-sit or net-eat its net-work’

Ivan Misner PhD Founder and CEO of BNI

How it works

Our colleagues at BNI Vision in Enfield have made this 2 minute video which illustrates how BNI works